Our Investment Philosophy

We put you first by delivering exclusive, world-class investment solutions.

Using our pioneering ‘Advanced Diversification’ approach, we create and rebalance the True Potential Portfolios with the aim of getting the best results for investors. Through our partnerships and investment intelligence, we’ve built Portfolios that are stronger than the sum of their parts. That’s the Science of Advanced Investing.


By using Advanced Diversification as part of our investment philosophy, we’re able to find opportunities for growth that others can’t replicate.

We achieve this with a blend of behavioural and data science that reinforces our investment philosophy. Building on the tried and tested multi-asset strategies of leading fund managers and over 120,000 individual holdings, the True Potential Portfolios are the next generation of investment solutions.

Simple Diversification

Simple Diversification

A mixture of equities, cash and bonds.

Multi-Asset Diversification

Multi-Asset Diversification

A full range of asset classes and geographic regions from one fund manager.

Advanced Diversification

Advanced Diversification

A blend of tried and tested multi-asset investment strategies that finds opportunities for growth.


Each of the fund managers we partner with has their own differentiated investment strategy for growing investors’ money. While all of these managers share our belief in aiming to maximise returns and reduce risk with multi-asset diversification, we also believe in diversifying by investment strategy.

Each strategy behaves differently in different types of markets. In today’s volatile world, the power to quickly rebalance from one strategy to another as markets change is invaluable.

By selecting funds across the active-passive spectrum, we aim to maximise performance using low-cost strategies alongside active strategies that exploit market inefficiencies.

True Potential Portfolios offer investors a blend of strategies from world-class fund managers in a single solution. By drawing on the combined strategic expertise of expert fund managers, our Investment Team can:

  • discover core themes for the short, medium and long-term investment future;
  • manage volatility; and
  • find opportunities for growth.

We use this information, available to us at all times, to shift and rebalance the Portfolios to put investors in what we believe is the strongest position for the future.


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With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest.