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Our True Potential Portfolios each aim to maximise returns and reduce risk through
‘Advanced Diversification’. The Portfolios are monitored, managed and rebalanced for you
by our expert Investment Team.

Simple Diversification

Simple Diversification

A mixture of equities, cash and bonds.

Multi-Asset Diversification

Multi-Asset Diversification

A full range of asset classes and geographic regions from one fund manager.

Advanced Diversification

Advanced Diversification

A blend of tried and tested multi-asset investment strategies that finds opportunities for growth.

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“True Potential Investor has been a great asset to my financial life, and it has allowed me to plan and hit my financial goals for the future.”

Simon Oxley

“I love the app, the fact that my money is managed and the fact that True Potential actually managed to keep my funds safe throughout Brexit, I am eternally grateful!”


“I was looking to invest a small amount of money with a company that gave me the flexibility to contribute to my pension at any time and with different amounts. At True Potential Investor, I could set my pension up myself, without using a financial adviser.”

Sherralyn Dalziel

“impulseSave® is brilliant! A really good way to easily top up my investments. Future me will be really grateful for the extra!”

Steve Yates

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With investing, your capital is at risk. Investments can fluctuate in value and you may get back less than you invest.