Investment Fees & Charges

Our straightforward and transparent pricing keeps you informed and in control of your costs.

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It’s important that you know how much you’re paying for your investments and exactly what you’re getting for your money. That’s why we’ve made our pricing completely clear and transparent. There’s no sliding scale of investment charges, so it’s easy to know how much you’ll pay before you buy.


Our investment fees can be broken down into two parts:

1. Platform Fee

This Fee Covers:

  • Administration of your investments
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Custodian services
  • Safekeeping of your assets
  • Live chat, email and phone support

0.40% Charge

of the value of your investment per year, taken from your account monthly

2. Portfolio Fee

This Fee Covers:

  • Investment in a True Potential Portfolio
  • Active management and rebalancing of your Portfolio
  • Oversight of expert Investment Committee

From 0.76%

of the value of your investment per year, taken from your account monthly

What you don't pay

NO FEE for Opening an account
NO FEE for Holding an ISA, Pension or GIA
NO FEE for Dealing, buying and selling
NO FEE on Transfers into your account
NO FEE to top ups by impulseSave®
NO FEE for Withdrawals from your account

Note: There is a £50 fee if you withdraw all of your investments.


True Potential Investor is all about empowering you to take control of your investments and manage them the way you want to.

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