Auto Enrolment Services

A simple solution for employees, employers and accountants.

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As an award-winning investment service, backed by a group with a reputation for leading the way in financial services, we’ve created an innovative auto enrolment solution. Designed for employees, employers and accountants, our auto enrolment service is simple to use, effective for all and unique in the marketplace.

What is Auto Enrolment?

Auto enrolment is a government scheme designed to get more people in the UK saving for their retirement. By law, all employers will soon need to offer an auto enrolment pension scheme to their employees. The date a company needs to provide a scheme by is called its ‘staging date’ and depends on the number of employees.

  • 15,900
    Q1 14/15
  • 11,500
    Q2 14/15
  • 1,200
    Q3 14/15
  • 3,400
    Q4 14/15
  • 17,100
    Q1 15/16
  • 9,700
    Q2 15/16
  • 16,100
    Q3 15/16
  • 110,000
    Q4 15/16
  • 101,000
    Q1 16/17
  • 133,000
    Q2 16/17
  • 168,000
    Q3 16/17
  • 215,000
    Q4 16/17
  • 178,000
    Q1 17/18
  • 137,000
    Q2 17/18
  • 131,000
    Q3 17/18
  • 87,000
    Q4 17/18

Medium Employers

Small and Micro Employers

New Employers

Warm Up
Medium Employers No. of Paye Schemes
Q1 14/15 15,900
Q2 14/15 11,500
Q3 14/15 1,200
Q4 14/15 3,400
Q1 15/16 17,100
Q2 15/16 9,700
Q3 15/16 16,100
High Intensity
Small & Micro Employers No. of Paye Schemes
Q4 14/15 110,000
Q1 16/17 101,000
Q2 16/17 133,000
Q3 16/17 168,000
Q4 16/17 215,000
Cool Down
New Employers No. of Paye Schemes
Q1 17/18 15,900
Q2 17/18 11,500
Q3 17/18 1,200
Q4 17/18 3,400

See how it works for you

I'm an Accountant

For Accountants

Many businesses are turning to their trusted accountants for help with auto enrolment, making it a great opportunity to grow your business with an in-demand and valuable service.

Our all-in-one auto enrolment service:

  • Free for you
  • Free for employers
  • Simple to use
  • Streamlined to save you time

With True Potential Investor, you can manage all of your clients’ auto enrolment schemes in one straightforward system, at no additional cost.

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I'm an Employer

For Employers

Auto enrolment is a great opportunity for employers to offer a first-rate workplace pension to valued employees. We know many of you worry about the increase in administration, that’s why our service takes care of:

  • Mandatory communications with employees
  • Analysing employee eligibility
  • Enrolling eligible workers
  • Offering a compliant range of risk-rated investment funds
  • Payroll integration
  • Managing contributions
  • Ongoing support for employees

Best of all, our service is completely free for employers to use.

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I'm an Employee

For Employees

With auto enrolment through True Potential Investor, your workplace pension becomes part of an award-winning online investment service. You have access to all the benefits of True Potential Investor, including:

  • Setting a realistic goal for your pension to provide the income you want in retirement
  • 24/7 access to track your pension against your goal
  • On-the-go top ups with impulseSave®
  • Invest your pension in our exclusive Managed Portfolio Series
  • Online, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch apps

Plus, you can consolidate and transfer in your existing pensions, as well as open a new Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account – making True Potential Investor an all-in-one solution for managing your financial future.

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“Since choosing True Potential as our preferred offering going forward, Katie has been an invaluable resource, both providing assistance and guidance, as well speaking to our clients directly to help with their own individual portals if requested by me. It’s been a pleasure dealing with Katie over these last 7-8 months, and look forward to a strong partnership going forward.”

LB Group Ltd

Independent Governance Commitee

As a Workplace Pension provider, our Independent Governance Committee produces an Annual Report on the pension scheme.

The Committee has a duty to:

This ensures that all members of our Workplace Pension have an independent voice working solely on their behalf.

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