Your capital is at risk

When interest rates are below inflation, your hard-earned money is losing value every day by sitting in cash. By investing in our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios, you'll get our expert in-house team working on your behalf with the aim of maximising returns.

With investing, your capital is at risk.

Your money is losing value in the bank

If you're saving in the bank or with a Cash ISA, your money is actually losing value. That's because the UK is currently experiencing its highest rate of inflation since 2012 - reaching a peak of more than 3% last year - meaning investments returning less than inflation are depreciating.

In 2017, our Balanced Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio returned 8.2%. If you compare that to the 0.91% Bank of England Cash ISA Rate, then it's clear taking some investment risk over the long term can protect your capital against the threat of inflation and maximise your returns. So, why not invest and do more with your money?

Growth vs Inflation

Cash ISA

Our Balanced Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio


UK Inflation: 3%

Remember, past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

Compare a Cash ISA to our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios

Make your money work harder for you. See how our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios in a Stocks & Shares ISA could give you a greater return, subject to greater risks, than an interest-paying Cash ISA.

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Cash ISA

Estimated ISA value after 25 years

Based on Bank of England Cash ISA Rate Help??0.91%

Our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio
in a Stocks & Shares ISA

Estimated ISA value after 25 years

Based on annual growth Help??

This projection is based on annual growth figures of 2% (Lower), 5% (Intermediate) and 8% (Higher), taking into account our average annual fee of 1.22%. It doesn’t take into account the impact of inflation, which will reduce returns, and assumes you only make the contributions set out on this page.

With investing, your capital is at risk. Projections are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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Streets ahead

"The service proposition offered by True Potential via internet and mobile apps is streets ahead of the competion with 24/7 valuations and ability to impulseSave for as little as £1 to any amount."

Tej Basson

Professional and proactive

"If I’ve ever got any queries about my investment, the replies are within a couple of hours. The app they have is great and allows easy tracking of my investment."

J Clough

Brilliant investment platform

"I’ve been using True Potential Investments for a number of years. I can analyse and monitor my investments through the investment portal and find the impulseSave option an excellent tool. Highly recommended."

Gary Dixon

Instant investments

Unique to True Potential Investor, our app gives you access to your Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio 24/7 so you can track your performance, set goals and top up your investments on the go with our world-first impulseSave® feature.

You can even link up your bank accounts, credit cards and savings to the app, so you get the full picture of your net worth, all in one place.

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Common questions about investing

It takes around 7 working days to sell your investment and transfer the money to your bank account. If you invest in a pension, you can only withdraw from 55 years old.

That’s why we ask questions about your investment goal and risk preferences when you open an account with us. In general, the more risk you are willing to take, the better chances you have of getting higher returns from your investment. The reverse is also true, less risk usually means lower returns.

From the moment your money reaches us, you’ll be able to track your investment at any time online as well as through our tablet and mobile apps.

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Some important information

With investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments will rise and fall at times and you could get back less than you invest.

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