Make your Personal Pension, ISA or General Investment Account do more with a transfer to us

When you invest in one of our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios, our expert in-house team spreads your investments across thousands of global holdings. Learn more about True Potential Investor’s Pension, ISA and GIA transfers.

With investing, your capital is at risk. We'll assess your suitability for our service, not the suitability of any transfer.

Transfer your ISA, Pension or General Investment Account into one of our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios and make your money do more

9,000 experts managing your money

With access to more than 9,000 professionals in 200 locations around the world, our expert in-house team makes the investment decisions for our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios.

Maximise your returns & reduce risk

Our access to a global team of experts with thousands of holdings allows us to blend multi-asset investment strategies and create unique opportunities for growth.

One view of your investments

We'll assess your personal circumstance and attitude to risk to offer you a suitable Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio Service.

Transfer to get access to 9,000 experts in 200 locations, all helping to make your money do more

Your investments will be managed by our industry-leading team of fund managers so you can leave the hard work to us.

Compare a Cash ISA to our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios

Make your money work harder for you. See how our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios in a Stocks & Shares ISA could give you a greater return, subject to greater risks, than an interest-paying Cash ISA.

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Cash ISA

Estimated ISA value after 25 years

Based on Bank of England Cash ISA Rate Help??0.91%

Our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio
in a Stocks & Shares ISA

Estimated ISA value after 25 years

Based on annual growth Help??

This projection is based on annual growth figures of 2% (Lower), 5% (Intermediate) and 8% (Higher), taking into account our average annual fee of 1.22%. It doesn’t take into account the impact of inflation, which will reduce returns, and assumes you only make the contributions set out on this page.

With investing, your capital is at risk. Projections are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Learn more about our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios

It's free and easy to transfer investments to us

We offer you a range of benefits when transferring to a Fully-Managed Investment Portfolio

Global investment team

We have access to 9,000 experts in 200 locations around the world.

Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios

Our expert in-house team manage your investment, so you can leave all the hard work to us.

No transfer fees

We won’t charge any fees for the transfer when you transfer to one of our Fully-Managed Investment Portfolios.

Easy to access

Our app has everything you need all in one place so you can track your investments 24/7 from a range of devices.

Investment top-ups

Unique to True Potential Investor, impulseSave® is a world-first investment feature that allows you to top up your accounts on the go from as little as £1.

Easy to set up

It only takes ten minutes to set up an account with us. Tell us a few details about you and your investment goals and we’ll do the rest.

Common questions about transferring

Our Portfolios are invested in thousands of holdings spread around the world in a mix of asset classes ranging from currencies to company shares.

Whilst we will assess the suitability of our discretionary management service, we don't assess the suitability of any transfers. You need to consider your own individual circumstances and objectives carefully and in some cases take regulated financial advice.

Need to find out more about fees? Read our FAQs

Some important information

With investing, your capital is at risk. The value of your investments will rise and fall at times and you could get back less than you invest.

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