Live better
with effortless personal finance

All your accounts in one place with automatic spending tracking and smart budget alerts.

Smart. Secure. Free.

Being smart with your money has never been so easy, with much of the work being done for you. Whether you have multiple bank accounts, credit cards or savings accounts, we put all of this into one app, with one login.

Our free personal finance feature is a secure way to reduce financial stress and leave you empowered to live a better life.

A smarter way to
connect your accounts

Download the True Potential Investor app and select the personal finance feature. We will quickly and simply lead you through the process of connecting any bank accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. It only take a few minutes and once this is done, you won’t need to complete this again.

See your recent
transactions come to life

From here, the app will categorise all of your spending and create nice and simple graphics for you to see how your money is working for you. You spending updates automatically overnight to make sure your app is always fresh.

Stay on track with smart alerts

You can set yourself budgets using the data you now have in front of you. From this, we can help you keep track of your targets with Smart Alerts. As your transactions are coming in and being catergorised, we can track your budgets and send you Smart Alerts as you come close to reaching your budget. You can get these messages as in app alerts or text messages straight to your phone.


Your security is important to us, that’s why we have made it a priority. We use the latest encryption and security technology. None of your login credentials are accessed or stored by us. Your transactional data that is accessed securely via Yodlee is fully encrypted and secured.