We’re a financial services and technology company that aim to make self-investing available for everyone. We believe that investing should be easy and that it should work for you, the way you want it to. That’s why we designed True Potential Investor with you in mind, to give you control over your financial future.




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With investing, your capital is at risk.


Open an ISA, Pension or GIA with True Potential Investor today from just £50, or transfer in your existing investments.


We believe that investors are looking for two simple things, the maximum return, for the lowest possible risk. With that in mind, we’ve built our True Potential Portfolios with the aim of helping you reach your long-term financial goals in today’s rapidly changing world.

Our range of ten risk-mapped Portfolios is underpinned by advanced diversification blending together tried and tested, multi-asset strategies from world-renowned fund managers including:


By using Advanced Diversification, we’re able to find opportunities for growth that others can’t replicate. We achieve this by blending together tried and tested multi-asset strategies of leading fund managers and over 120,000 individual holdings.

Simple Diversification

A mixture of equities, cash and bonds.

Multi-Asset Diversification

A full range of asset classes and geographic regions from one fund manager.

Advanced Diversification

Advanced Diversification

A blend of eight multi-asset investment strategies that finds opportunities for growth.

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Advanced Diversification

The Portfolios combine world-class multi-asset investment strategies in our pioneering approach.

Expert oversight and Review

From our experienced Investment Team, expert Fund Managers and Independent Investment Committee.

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No Fee for Discretionary Fund Management

Unlike many fund managers, we do not charge for managing your Portfolio.

Low Minimum Investment

We believe investing is for everyone, so you can start from just £50.

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UBS Asset Management is a large-scale asset manager offering a comprehensive range of active and passive investment styles and capabilities, across both traditional and alternative asset classes. These include equity, fixed income, currency, hedge fund, real estate, infrastructure and private equity investment capabilities that can also be combined in multi-asset strategies.


Allianz offers investors a risk based approach investing globally in all major asset classes using primarily passive implementation. Allianz have the ability to be very dynamic and nimble by increasing or decreasing total investment levels depending on volatility levels within markets. Allianz have a huge research and fund management base they can draw upon, being one of the largest fund managers currently in Europe.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has two offerings. Their Dynamic investment approach is run by a team of internationally-renowned experts who evaluate patterns of asset class behaviour, and the drivers behind them, to form a balanced portfolio that includes exposure to both traditional and non-traditional asset classes. Their Global Income Builder approach invests across a broad spectrum of global bonds and equities, aiming to build a portfolio that generates sustainable and stable income, and capital appreciation.

Columbria Threadneedle

Columbia Threadneedle are income specialist fund managers offering clients a regular income stream whilst also offering the potential for capital appreciation from one of the most highly respected income fund management teams within the industry. They invest primarily in UK equities but also in fixed interest, focusing on stocks that can offer a high dividend yield but also the potential for growth.


Schroders’ investment philosophy may appeal to investors who want their money to be managed by an award-winning team with a proven track record of superior performance. They hold the belief that no one fund manager can excel in every aspect of investing and therefore access the best fund and investment products from around the world. The investment teams are bonded by a strong culture and heritage based on independent, long-term investment thinking.


SEI uses a mix of specialist investment managers with distinct management styles. As a manager-of-managers, SEI decides where to invest and, after rigorous research, which managers to hire. This oversight includes daily monitoring of investment transactions and the replacement of investment managers if they fail to meet their objectives or if better investment opportunities arise in new areas. SEI hires managers who are generally only available to institutions and high net worth individuals.

Close Brothers

Close Brothers’ investment style is directly buying into company shares, fixed interest investments and other non-traditional areas such as precious metals, commodities, infrastructure and hedge funds. This approach is similar to that of a stockbroker putting together an investment portfolio and managing this on behalf of a client and is a very focused investment solution.


7IM offers investors a global active-passive approach to fund management. This means they are active at the asset allocation level with a team of high skilled fund managers choosing what areas to invest in, but passive in implementation by using funds that track a specific Index or part of that Index. By using this approach, 7IM can offer a low cost multi-asset solution to investors with a global reach.

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