Auto Enrolment for Accountants

Many businesses are turning to their trusted accountants for help with auto enrolment, making it a great opportunity to grow your business with an in-demand and valuable service.

Meet our Auto Enrolment Account Managers

When you join our auto enrolment solution, you will be provided with your own dedicated Account Manager. They will be with you through the entire process, guiding you from application through to the running of your schemes. This way, we can ensure that we provide you with best level of customer care with an expert Account Manager that understands you and your business needs.

Katie Maw
Account Manager

It is great to work with accountants on a one to one basis and creating strong working
relationships with them. I take great satisfaction in being able to assist accountants with an
auto enrolment solution and making the process as simple and streamlined as possible. Being
an Account Manager with True Potential Investor allows me to have a greater understanding of
how accountants work daily and to further educate myself to improve the service I offer to them.

Christine Darke
Account Manager

I enjoy helping my clients accomplish their duties for auto enrolment, understanding their needs and the importance of giving excellent customer service at all times. The Account Manager Team here at True Potential are brilliant and we all work together for the benefit of the client.

David Rawson
Account Manager

I look after accountants and assist them in managing their clients’ workplace pensions on their True Potential Investor accountant dashboard. I love working with technology, numbers and take great satisfaction in problem solving and developing relationships.

Hayley Mack
Account Manager

I have enjoyed every moment of working at True Potential. I enjoy getting to know my client’s requirements and helping them to resolve their auto enrolment needs. It’s great to assist clients finding a simple effective solution, and from a personal point of view it is wonderful to be able to develop individually alongside such a hardworking and helpful team.

Joey Wilkinson
Account Manager

I take great pride in my work, as it enables me to become my clients’ business, strategy and industry expert, in a time where many need it more than ever. Working for True Potential allows me to train all kinds of businesses to get the most out of our solution, whilst consistently exploring and identifying improved methods of pension management and financial proficiency.

Lily Stearman
Account Manager

I love my role as an Account Manager at True Potential as I get to work with a great group of Accountants all over the UK. My role involves helping them to set up and run pension schemes, and working out the best options for their clients. It’s interesting to see how a large group of accountants work differently when it comes to auto enrolment, and a great job satisfaction to take the stress out of something that has been seen as a headache in the past!

Mark Johnson
Account Manager

Working as an Account Manager for True Potential is something I find particularly rewarding. I enjoy getting to know the accountants I work with and forming good working relationships with them. I am here to help with their everyday auto enrolment needs as well as support and facilitate their use of the system.

Richard Bissessur
Account Manager

I enjoy the fast -paced environment in which I work and I find the variety of ways different companies tackle the challenge that automatic enrolment poses very interesting. I love working with people and find the working relationships I build with clients to be the most satisfying aspect of my role.

The System

Our all-in-one auto enrolment service brings all your pension schemes into one place making the management of your pension schemes easy and accessible 24/7. Built on award-winning technology, our fully-integrated solution saves you time, money and a whole lot of hassle. It is approved by the Pension Regulator and it is totally free.

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